Victorious: la serie di Nickelodeon compie 10 anni. La reazione del cast

di Roberta Marciano

Sono passati 10 anni dalla messa in onda del primo episodio di Victorious, la popolare serie di Nickelodeon che ha lanciato tra tutti la carriera di Ariana Grande. Tutto il cast si è preso un momento sui social per ricordare questo giorno così speciale ringraziando i fan per il costante supporto e quanto sia stata importante questa serie per loro.

Ecco cosa hanno scritto i membri del cast di Victorious

Ariana Grande: “10 anni di Victorious. Voglio solo dire che sarò grata per sempre di essere stata in questo show. Non avrei potuto passare i miei anni da teenager con un gruppo migliore e più divertente”.

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ten years of victorious 🤍 daniella’s post got me all in my feels now so i’m sorry for the mushiness but…. jus want to say how grateful i will always be for being on this show and for those years of my life. i couldn’t have spent my teenage years with a better, more funny, talented group of human beings. i really loved playing cat valentine (even though sometimes people think i actually still speak and act like that and her essence will lovingly haunt me til i die) …. i miss getting in trouble w my friends the school room and trying not to laugh when we weren’t supposed to on set. i even miss waking up with red hair dye stained pillows. thank u @danwarp and to my cast mates for some of the most special years of my life and for bringing all of us into each other’s lives. happy anniversary!

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Victoria Justice: “Wow è davvero strano, mi pare fosse solo ieri. Non scorderò ogni volta che ho pianto leggendo i copioni, piangevo perché ero così felice. Questo show ha cambiato la mia vita”.

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10 years of Victorious!!! It’s actually a little crazy typing that, because in a lot of ways it feels like it was just yesterday. I’ll never forget how I cried at our very first table read. I cried because I was sooo frickin’ happy!!! This show changed my life & I’m so grateful I got to share it with this amazing, insanely talented group of people. We share memories together that I look back fondly on to this day & will always cherish. Thank you so much to all the fans who continue to love and support our show. Makes me real happy to see that it’s still enjoyed by so many of you. Thank you @danwarp for creating this magic 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼. I love you guys!!! #grateful

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Elizabeth Gillies: “Custodisco alcuni dei momenti migliori della mia vita durante le riprese di Victorious. Eravamo dei bambini e siamo tutti cresciuti insieme. Grazie a tutti i fan per degli anni meravigliosi”

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10 years. Couldn’t write down half the memories if I tried. I love these guys so much. The years we spent at Nick on Sunset filming Victorious held some of the most wonderful and precious moments I’ll ever have in my life. We were kids. We all grew up together on that show. We laughed as hard as we worked. We were a family 10 years ago and we still are now. (No, really, I’m serious- we were texting each other for over 2 hours last night) Thank you to all the fans, old and new, for embracing our weird little show and for continuing to keep it alive so many years later. Thank you @danwarp for creating these characters that would end up shaping us for a lifetime and for bringing the wild world of Hollywood Arts to life. Those vibrant sets in the middle of Hollywood were our office for 4 years. Dream job. Anyway- I love Victorious, I love my Victorious family & I love you guys. VICTORIOUS!! 🍾🍾 🍾 (you’re all old enough to drink now, right?)

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Avan Jogia: “Sono fortunato ad avere degli amici come voi”

Matt Bennett: “La mia vita è iniziata 10 anni fa, oggi”


Per festeggiare ancora meglio questo traguardo, l’intero cast si è riunito in live chat per celebrare insieme questo giorno. Non potendo fare una tradizionale reunion a causa del social distancing, il cast ha pensato bene di ritrovarsi in modo virtuale!


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