7 anni di Big Time Rush: I commenti più belli dei fan!

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Big Time Rush Reunion

Once a Rusher, always a Rusher. Oggi i Big Time Rush festeggiano 7 anni dalla loro formazione e i fan non sono fatte trovare impreparate. La serie di Nickelodeon, infatti, ha debuttato con l’episodio pilota di un’ora, Big Time Audition, il 28 novembre 2009. la prima stagione è poi andata in onda nel 2010, ma oggi di 7 anni fa è quando il mondo ha conosciuto per la prima volta la band formata da Kendall, Logan, Carlos e James. Da quel giorno è stato amore puro.

Le rusher hanno deciso di celebrare questo anniversario sui social e abbiamo deciso di raccogliere i commenti, le foto ed i video più belli creati per festeggiare i Big Time Rush:

what’s your favorite btr episode?

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7 years of big time rush. I can’t believe it. 7 years ago my life has completely changed when I saw those 4 guys in the TV, since 11/28/2009 I have something special in my heart and since this day something special started. my heart got complete since that day. I’ve never been so happy when I started to love them. in the hard / sad times their songs helped me to go on and to remember that I’m not alone and that I’m a “cover girl” no matter what. they were here with me, when some people weren’t. I don’t how my life would be without their songs to cheer me up when I need. I don’t care for some idiot people when they say: “why u still like this band? it’s over!” I love them so much and I’ll never stop loving them, why I should stop??

I don’t know how to explain how much I love James, Carlos, Kendall and Logan. I could write a million words and I would never can describe my love for them. I remember the 1st day I started to love them, on Big Time Audition, I was only 8 years old omg. I always cry Big Time Dreams, but I cry bc I’m happy for them, how far they became. The song “We Are” means so much to me, I always cry when I listen to it. this song makes me remember that BTR will never end: they will always be in the heart of all the rushers, no matter what and I know that #itaintover . the times they notice me on twitter, it makes me fangirl a lot. I hate when ppl keep comparing BTR with other bands, but at kindness & heart, big time rush win it at all.

I love them v much. I’m very proud to say that I grew up together with them. I feel so proud when I say that I’m a Rusher. my eyes are teary today. yes I’m crying. I really want to meet all of u, I’ve been waiting for almost 7 years and if necessary, I’ll wait more. Thanks for everything Big Time Rush you’re amazing. I’ll never forget bout u. I love and will love u forever with all my heart. ?@kendallschmidt @jamesmaslow @therealcarlospena @loganhenderson #7YearsOfBigTimeRush #BigTimeRush

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#7yearsofbigtimerush Come passa in fretta il tempo Oggi sono diventati UOMINI @jamesmaslow @loganhenderson @kendallschmidt @therealcarlospena

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