Black Eyed Peas – Fallin’ Up

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Watch me(fallin up)Watch me(fallin up)Watch me(fallin
up high)Watch me Focus on this the
introductionist,Or a lyrisist in this rap metropolis,More like an activist,We give it to you all,Presentation we’ll make you have a ball,Styles
start consiveing causeing you to meditate,Manipulate the
mind with hypnotic modern state,We far from the fakes,We never fake moves,But jealous mothafuckas since the
justice approves,(and talk shit)And who the hell he be
havin a fit,Yo, he ain’t got shit,That’s
why he’s in Crips,And I indelirize bodily rips,Skiznits of nonsense nothing less than Bullshit,(West Side)And who can hang with the all around remainders,A real
entertainer,We bout to open up the whole true hip hop,Explore non-stop,Entertain ya till we drop,[chorus]We be fallin up(up)Never fallin
down(down)We keep it at a higher level elevating now,(Put it in your)in your area,(city or your)town,Blackeyed Peas is known for gettin down[x2]Flip the four steps it takes to be great,There’s no
remorse for a fake we must break,Time a rap source subdue
what we make(a)Your collaps is all the floor can take,Witness the peas as we innovate,We’ll
extrodanite,expose,instillate,Patterning pioners take foes
by thier trait,Apple in tact is the time we must take,When we make agreements theres no escape,Form it,Hate
it, Love it, Rate it as great,God gave us talent,We
show how that we create,Enough of being deep it’s
time to motivate,[chorus]Watch me,Watch me,I see you try to diss our function by
stating that we can’t rap,Is it cause we don’t
wear Tommy Hilfiger or Baseball Caps,We don’t use
dollars to represent,We just use our inner sense and
talent,If you try to diss the peas you’ll get handled
by apple beavy,(guy in back growling like a lion)Alligator,A numernumer creator,Black eyed peas be
more than a playa,Don’t gotta represent no set just
so I could get some respect,Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga cooooool,A lot of feelings so I can get through,Because the way
that you did it I think that you done curupted the wholehip-hop sound so now I gotta follow up,[chorus]