Robert Pattinson versus Edward Cullen

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But in a bad way.

Pattinson tells the Dish Rag: "I guess you never know what you have in your character before you do a job and what kind of comes out. I mean, I guess there are elements, a lot of self doubt. Probably all the negative elements. I don’t really have the positive elements, I am not very gentlemanly or anything, I am not very old-fashioned. I don’t have, yeah. I have the bad points."

And the sexiest thing about Edward?

"I learned that 95% of women in the world are attracted to guys who drive Volvos, which I had no idea about,"  he joked. "I never knew Volvos were such a sexy car. I would never have though. And people would like the fact that Edward drives a Volvo."

And yes, his life really has changed due to the media attention. Read how after the jump….

"It’s funny how like, I always used to wear a hat and I was in New York and I was doing press stuff and I had about 200 people, everything they were saying was ‘take your hat off’. I was like, it’s just really strange when people actually care about it whereas last year no-one would care if I was wearing a hat or not. It’s one the key things I have realized. That’s pretty much the only difference in my life is that someone tells me to take my hat off. Only my mother used to do that before."

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