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taylor swift the tortured poets deparment the antology

The Black Dog è uno dei brani contenuti nella seconda parte dell’album di Taylor Swift The Tortured Poets Department, ovvero The Anthology, uscito a sorpresa nella notte del 19 aprile 2024.

Significato della canzone:

Nella canzone spiega che The Black Dog è un pub in cui il suo ex si trova e lei lo sa perché lui si è dimenticato di smettere di condividere la sua location con lei sul telefono; la cantante parla della fine della relazione, che chiaramente le spezza ancora il cuore.

Ascolta qui la canzone:

Testo The Black Dog

[Verse 1]
I am someone who until recent events
You shared your secrets with
And your location, you forgot to turn it off
And so I watch as you walk
Into some bar called The Black Dog
And pierce new holes in my heart
You forgot to turn it off

And it hits me
I just don’t understand

How you don’t miss me
In The Black Dog, when someone plays The Starting Line
And you jump up, but she’s too young to know this song
That was intertwined in the magic fabric of our dreaming
Old habits die screaming

[Verse 2]
I move through the world with a heart broken
My longing state unspoken
And I may never open up thе way I did for you
And all of those best laid plans
You said I needed a bravе man
Then proceeded to play him
Until I believed it too

And it kills me
I just don’t understand

How you don’t miss me
In the shower, and remember how my rain-soaked body
Was shaking, do you hate me?
Was it hazing for a cruel fraternity?
I pledged, and I still mean it
Old habits die screaming

Six weeks of breathing clean air
I still miss the smoke
Were you making fun of me?
With some esoteric joke?
Now I wanna sell my house
And set fire to all my clothes
And hire a priest to come and exercise my demons

Even if I die screaming-ing
And I hope you hear it-it-it
And I hope it’s shitty in The Black Dog
When someone plays the starting line and you jump up
But she’s too young to know this song
That was intertwined in the tragic fabric of my dreaming
This tail between your legs, you’re leaving

I still can’t believe it
‘Cause old habits die screaming

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