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Dubliners – Wild Rover

I’ve been a wild rover for many’s the year and I’ve spent all my money on whiskey and beer. But now I’m returning with gold in great store and I never will play the wild rover no more Chorus: And it’s no, nay, never, no, nay, never, no more will I play the wild rover no, never, no more I went into an ale-house I used to frequent and I told the landlady my money was spent. I asked her for credit, she answered me nay, Such “a custom like yours I can have any day Chorus I took from my pocket ten sovereigns bright and the landlady’s eyes opened wide with delight. She said I’d have whiskey and wines of the best and the words that she told me were only in jest. Chorus I’ll go home to my parents, confess what I’ve done, and I’ll ask them to pardon their prodigal son. And when they’ve caressed me as oft’ times before then I never will play the wild rover no more Chorus...

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Dubliners – Peggy Gordon

Tá Peig agom, tá Cáit agom, ach Peig an bean is fearr ‘Cbe faer Gheabhfas í nach air a bhfeás anttadh Ó ghuairm í ‘s guairim í go deo Sí grá mo chroí mo bhurnín í sí Peigín Leitirmór Tá iscaraigh na h’iarrthartha in greim an Ghotán mhoie Agus scríothim aisteach is gheobhfam leath-bhód sheoil Ó ghuairm í ‘s guairim í go deo Sí grá mo chroí mo bhurnín í sí Peigín Leitirmór Tá iascaraigh na Gaillimhe ag theacht anall le chóir Is solas geallaigh gilte bí go ligadis a shaoil Ó ghuairm í ‘s guairim í go deo Sí grá mo chroí mo bhurnín í sí Peigín Leitirmór Éirigh suas a Pheggy agus sheas ar bharr an árd Chóirigh do chuid buillán agus féach an bhfuil síad ann Ó ghuairm í ‘s guairim í go deo Sí grá mo chroí mo bhurnín í sí Peigín Leitirmór Ó ghuairm í ‘s guairim í go deo Sí grá mo chroí mo bhurnín í sí Peigín...

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Dubliners – The High Reel

High Germany Oh Polly, love, oh Polly, the rout has now begun And we must go a-marching at the beating of the drum Go dress yourself all in your best and come along with me I’ll take you to the war, me love, in high Germany Oh Willy, love, oh Willy, come list what I do say My feet they are so tender, I cannot march away And besides, my dearest Willy, I am with child by thee Not fitted for the war, me love, in high Germany I’ll buy for you a horse, me love, and on it you shall ride And all my delight shall be it, riding by your side We’ll stop at every alehouse and drink when we are dry We’ll be true to one another, get married bye and bye Oh, cursed be them cruel wars that ever they should rise And out of merry England press many a man likewise They pressed my true love from me, likewise my brothers three And sent them to the wars, me love, in high Germany My friends I do not value nor my foes I do not fear Now my love has left me I wander far and near And when my baby it is born and smiling on my knee I’ll think of lovely Willy in High Germany Oh Polly, love, oh Polly, the rout...

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Dubliners – Home Boys Home

Oh well, who wouldn`t be a sailor lad a sailin` on the main. To gain the good will of his captain`s good name? He came ashore one evening for to be. And that was the beginning of my own true love and me Chorus: And it`s home,boys,home Home I`d like to be home for a while In me me own country, Where the oak and the ash and the bonny rowan tree Are all a-growin` green in the old country. Well I asked for a candle for to light me up to bed And likewise for a handkerchief to tie around me head. She tended to me needs like a young maid ought to do, So then I says to her ?Now won`t you leap in with me too?? Well she jumped into bed, making no alarm Thinking a young sailor lad could do to her no harm. Well I hugged her and I kissed her the whole night long, Till she wished the short night had been seven years long. Well early next morning the sailor lad arose And into Mary`s apron threw a handful of gold Saying ?Take this me dear for the mischief that I`ve done For tonight I fear I`ve left you with a daughter or a son.? ?Well if it be a girl child, send her out to nurse, with gold in her pocket...

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Dubliners – Carrickfergus

I wish I was in Carrickfergus Only for nights in Ballygrand I would swim over the deepest ocean Only for nights in Ballygrand But the sea is wide and I cannot swim over And neither have I the wings to fly I wish I had a handsome boatsman To ferry me over my love and I (This verse is only sung on the ?40 years ?cd) My childhood days bring back sad reflections Of happy times there spent so long ago My boyhood friends and my own relations Have all past on now with the melting snow So I’ll spend my days in this endless roving Soft is the grass and shore, my bed is free Oh to be home now in carrickfergus On the long rode down to the salty sea Now in Kilkenny it is reported On marble stone there as black as ink With gold and silver I would support her But I’ll sing no more now til I get a drink Cause I’m drunk today and I’m seldom sober A handsome rover from town to town Ah but I’m sick now my days are number Come all me young men and lay me down Come all me young men and lay me...

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