Italian Mozzarella

scritto da Laura Boni

Italian Mozzarella is the most famous cheese that is exported from Italy. This cheese has been produced for centuries in central and southern Italy. Fresh mozzarella is normally white, but the colour may vary to a yellowish colour depending on the animal’s diet. Italian mozzarella is a semi-soft cheese that is normally served the day after it is produced due to the high moisture content. It is also possible to conserve Mozzarella in brine for up to a week or even longer depending on if it is sold in a vacuum-sealed package.

The traditional Italian mozzarella is obtained by using fresh milk, salt, rennet and lactic acid bacteria and is of highest quality, while the industrial one is obtained using citric acid or lactic acid in place of ferments.

Italian mozzarella is only made with Italian Mediterranean buffalo’s milk or cow’s milk, assuming by law different names:

-” mozzarella di bufala campana “: under this category is the buffalo milk mozzarella cheese produced in the region of Campania, which has a protected designation of origin. This mozzarella was the only one which could simply be called “mozzarella”

-“Mozzarella [which is the brand name] di latte di bufala”: under this category is the buffalo milk mozzarella cheese that does not have the protected designation of origin.

-“Fior di latte” or “mozzarella di latte vaccino” or simply “Mozzarella” indicate the cow’s milk mozzarella.

To distinguish between the two types of Italian mozzarella you need to read the ingredients.

Italian mozzarella can be prepared in many different ways. It can be eaten by itself or it can be used in Caprese Salad is made up of Italian mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and basil, for pizza, several pasta dishes use mozzarella as well.