J-Ax – I Love My Bike

scritto da admin

You can’t ride upon the wings
Of all your broken dreams
Someday you’ve got to give it up

In between the lines you’ll see
I’m giving you a sign
Your attitude is just too tough

You don’t know what I want all night
Why don’t you make your dreams come true
I’ll show you how
Here’s what you do

Show a little love
Give a little love
All I want from you is one thing
Show your love to me

Look up to the skies
I see desire in your eyes
But you can’t keep it in your heart
Let’s take the night and
Then we’ll sleep by candle light
While flames of love are burning
In the dark.

You tell me you love me, oh no
Now I can’t tell the lies from truth
So prove me wrong
Here’s what you can do