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europe – Children Of This Time

Long for the sailor, beneath the skies Long for the white dove, no matter where she flies Long for the stranger you know so well. Pray for the soldier, who’s wounded bad Pray for the dreamer, he’s still so sad Pray for the stranger you know so well. Cause I’m coming home. Now the time has come For me to come back home. Long for the eagle, on wings so strong Long for the hunter, he won’t be long Long for the stranger you know so...

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europe – Paradize Bay

Lay your hand upon my shoulder Say something that I want to hear Time will wash out every trace of sadness If only you are near I’ve tried so hard to be somebody But now I’m found And we can be together And travel far away And we can love forever In some of Paradize Bay Carry me, oh bring me out of fantasy Tell me this is real Tell me that you won’t give up And tell me it’s a good thing to feel The wind is carrying your voice The message is “Don’t ever walk away” And the only answer I can give to you Is that I’m always gonna...

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europe – No Stone Unturned

I’ve told you once and I’ve told you twice Wait for that day, when our love will rise To that song that brought our hearts together. Even though you’re mistreating me I know the girl that you used to be For me those days were meant to last forever. Time after time I’m wondering why Am I to be all alone Day after day I pray that you’ll stay Cause you’ve got a heart of stone. I walk the streets like a broken man Oh I wish that you would understand Even though you’re still the one I wait for. I guess in love there’s no guarantee Sometimes it’s not what it seems to be Even though you’re still the one I care...

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europe – Ninja

Tell me the story, tell me the legend Tell me the tales of war Tell me just one time, What it was like before Bring me the feeling, right in that moment When a heart for battle cries Find me the treasure where the legend lies. If I were a noble ancient knight I’d stand by jour side to rule and fight It will always feel the same When I call out your name. Ninja survive, in dreams I walk by your side Ninja survive, with you there’s no need to hide. A handful of sayings are more than a reason For me to feel this way I’d like to be near you Maybe for just one day So tell me the legend, tell me the story Tell me the tales of war Tell me just one time What it was like...

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europe – Farewell

There was a time when I was satisfied There was a time when everything felt right But now’ the time for me to decide and I’ve only got one solution in sight Don’t know where I’m going but I know it feels right And though my feelings are showing I’m not afraid, it’s alright So long, farewell I’ve got to go Be strong, be well I want you to know that maybe we’ll meet someday Should I stay or should I go It was not easy to decide But you told me I already knew I guess you wondered why I...

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