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Lupe Fiasco – The Run Down

(Carrera’s A Predator Collector Of The Best Of The Ericas, Rebeccas, Etc… Set In My Way) One For The Money And Two For The Base Three For The Bail And Four For The Case… I Hops Out In My Militant Way Fresh Puerto Rican Airs Green Michigan J Hello My Ladies Hello My Honies Feast Your Eyes Pon Feminine Prey Go (Carrera’s A Predator Collector Of The Best Of The Ericas, Rebeccas, Etc… Set In My Way) Yes I Move I Agree I Get To It I’m More Faster Lowkey Like C-O- G Go Backwards Me I Ain’t Trippin But You Simpin’ Running Around Like A Chicken With His Head Cut Off Well I Be Pimping I Be Limping Like A Chicken With His Leg Cut Off The Amputee The Man Lupe… You Best Slow Down Cuz You Speeding I’m Bout My Money Bout My Paper Bout My Money Joe You Best Slow Down Cuz You Speeding I’m Bout My Money Bout My Paper Bout My Money Joe The Fifteenth Is Me The First Is For Chill 12s For The Toast And 20s For The Wheels Something For The Cash Ans Something For The Bills Representing For My New Jacks And All My Jills Nice… Real… Tight Now Back To My Power My Prowl Is For Moving A Pound There’s My Accolades Don’t Put Your Accoloids I Burn Like...

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Lupe Fiasco – The Emperor’s Soundtrack

[Verse 1] I told you I would show up screaming out FNF Till the world, blow up, they said I was so finished I told ‘em its show business Meanin there’s no business, ‘less Fiasco’s in it Disrespect the dress code, wear my street clothes in it Measured, sold, and clothed in it Opened up closed, after I entered and drove in it, like uhh [Hook] Only fear God Know the weapons of the weak The weakness of the heart And never fall asleep [Verse 2] Roll in it, music bumpin, windows tinted Through they good neighbourhoods and all of the wolves in it Exerted control in it Seen it come and go, stolen and sold in it Diamond and gold blinted Fountain of youth, dippin my toes in it Bounce in the booth, spit it like Skoal Minted Putting my heart and my soul in it Cause [Hook] Only fear God Know the weapons of the weak The weakness of the heart And never fall asleep [Bridge] Once upon a time, not long ago When the pusher man creep, where they live life po’ [Verse 3] With fifteen in the clip and one in the hole Hallway wall full of bricks, only some of us know None of us know the makers of the toast Like the bottom of the stove, that was used in the murderin’ of...

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Lupe Fiasco – Story Summary

[Lupe talking] You know I had to do it, man. It wouldn’ta been right if I didn’t. You seen it? You seen the show last night on TV? You seen nigga’s rims man? You seen the new Jordans man? You see her ass yo? Yeah, yeah, that’s crazy. [Singing] Seein’ with my ghetto eyes I walkeded with my ghetto feet I talkeded with my ghetto speech I’m copasetic, I won’t let it bring me down Bring me down… I say it’s instilled As I peep from beneath the titled brim of my pinwheel Steady mobbin’, heavy problems Genocide resynthesize to violence, makes it hard to sympathize Harden, individuals whose feelings is miniscule Soon become criminals if you dark-skinned And you was raised in a project apartment Public Aid made it that your father couldn’t stay He had to part then, left with only a mother The family structure suffers He will soon cling to hustlers, as his guardians He still a boy, needs to fill a void, marchin’ Up the block up to no good, sellin’ in the wrong hood He was taken down by a marksmen At his wake, 8th Grade Graduation picture Last words: Don’t let the habitation get ya Pardoned, Lord have mercy on the fallen Amen, feel like I’m hardened Got the harbinger for the coming of the carpenter Til then, I got some big...

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Lupe Fiasco – Glory

When Your Spirit Is Strained, And U Limit At The Change The Lyrics In Your Limericks A-Change A Different Hook The Way Your Sentences Arranged More Dominate In Your Deliverance More Sinister In Your Slang Sounds More Belligerent When Its Sang The Truth, Is Limitless In Its Range If You Drop A ‘t’ And Look At It In Reverse It Could Hurt Look At The Grimaces Of The Pain And Its Worse When It Works And Your Membership Is Gained But Your Forgetting The Proof Diminishes In Its Flames Like Poof The Media Pours Images In Your Brain Of The Score Of The War Where Militants Are Slain The Faces Of The Guilty Where Innocense Is Proclaimed And They Filthy, The Death Airs Are The Winners The Listeners Are The Lanes Of The Ballad Of The Man That The Son Of A Minister Has Became So… [Chorus] But You Gotta Understand Our Differences Is The Same What Starts In Clouded Minds Finishes In The Rain Of The Fools That I Use That’s Instruments In The Game Where Oppression Is The Queen And Ignorance Is The King Where Revolution Is Dead No Candles In Its Memory, No Remembrance Of Its Fame-Just A Mystery- No Mentioning The History Of The Chained-The Enemy-No Hennessy Sentiments In Its Name Just The Unmarked Reign That Menaces Have Defamed With The Propaganda And Images Of...

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Lupe Fiasco – Lupe Back

Unh! I bring you murder in the first And even as we speak we gettin further in this verse With no further adieu I do what I respect Doom got me stripes like Hamburgler for my work Ask Lupe the killa, killa, killa, killa Mercy, he’s a mess! So immersed in his murk He’s two thirds submerged below the surface where they surf This is where I lay it down like a bird givin birth So call me Lu the giant’s goose or just, Faberge paint Til I’m called back to the shore by the watchers of the bay I wait, til I come back like a tsunami Never microwave like the watchers of the weight I’m wrapped in aluminum foil, I do my dirt like Kwame Until that same soil bein pushed into my grave But I’m so ahead of my time, the next day Might strike oil while I delay, homie I’m so crude Texas T, haters is so screwed But I can’t fill it like a flathead in a Philips Don’t get it twisted, nigga I’m no tool More cool than a pool in a blizzard With ice cubes in it during Christmas Meanin there’s no school, in the misfit Like I’m throwin a fit Or I just can’t fit it, tidbit too big It’s gotta hem it til it’s fresh to death Dressed to kill...

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