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Drake – Think Good Thoughts

Who can know The thoughts of Mary jane Why she flies Or goes out in the rain Where she’s been And who she’s seen In her journey to the stars. Who can know The reasons for her smile What are her dreams When they’ve journeyed for a mile The way she sings And her brightly coloured rings Make her the princess of the sky. Who can know What happens in her mind Did she come from a strange world And leave her mind behind Her long lost sighs And her brightly coloured eyes Tell her story to the wind. Who can know The thoughts of Mary Jane Why she flies Or goes out in the rain Where she’s been And who she’s seen In her journey to the...

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Drake – The Last Hope

(Patrick Matthews,Kerry Kurt Phillips) When she picked up the telephone, His voice came on the line. She said “This can’t be happening,” An’ tears fell from her eyes. She said” What am I supposed to do? I can’t handle losin’ you.” He said “I just had to call to say goodbye, One last time.” He said “There are some things in this life, That are out of our control. Like who we fall in love with, And when it’s time to go.” She said “What about the plans we had?” He said “This connection’s gettin’ bad. Now c’mon baby, let me hear you smile, One last time.” She started to apologize, For all the things that she’d done wrong. She said “I would have loved you better. If only I’d known.” He said “You were the perfect wife: Promise me you’ll go on with your life.” She said “The boys won’t understand.” He said “Tell ‘em Daddy loves ‘em and, be strong” He said “Hon, I’ve gotta go.” She said “Don’t you dare hang up. There’s so many things I need to say. I love you so much.” It was almost like she felt him leave. She cried out “Can you still hear me?” She fell down on the kitchen floor, When the signal died, As the pilot tried to pull out of the dive. One...

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Drake – Heat of the Moment

All the school kids are so sick of books and learnin’ They don’t read anymore, they don’t even read anymore They just wanna be like all the rappers that I can’t stand Niggas we don’t need anymore All the niggas we don’t need anymore And all the cops are still hangin’ out at the doughnut shops Talkin’ ‘bout how the weather’s changin’ The ice is meltin’ as if the world is endin’ She asked me “Who are you gonna be when it’s all over? When it’s all over?” She asked me “Who are you gonna be when it’s all over? When it’s all over?” I don’t wanna think about that right now Heat of the moment Heat of the moment, girl, heat of the moment I ain’t even got a strap if you think we really need one I’m on it The last man fucked up, I’ll take it since he doesn’t want it Everything straight in the heat of the moment, heat of the moment What are we even doing? Ridin’ clean With you on my mind and I’m thinkin’ dirty things Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes Lord I’ve seen some things I wish we had met when I was in my teens Yes Lord, yes Lord, yes Lord Cause these days I only know conditional love I’m not used to settlin’ down I’m too used to switchin’...

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Drake – The Motion

It’s not me and you It’s not me. It’s you You’re reckless and you know it They don’t love you like I do Say you’re moving on, well, I guess that’s just the motion I guess that’s just the motion (oooh) [x4] I don’t have a fuck to give I been moving state to state In my leather and my Tims Like it’s 1998 And my dog Chubby Chubb That’s my nigga from the way On the East side of the city That’s where everybody stay Seem like everybody calling ‘Cause they want me on their song It’s like every time I touch it I can never do no wrong When they need a favor from ya man they don’t leave you alone But, I guess that’s just the motion And their phone doesn’t ring when they got everything That’s the motion (ooh) I guess that’s just the motion (oooh) [x2] Yeah, Looking back on it at least my pride is in tact ‘Cause we said no strings attached And I still got tied up in that Every thing that I write is either for her or about her So I’m with her even when I’m here without her And she know it The girl that I want to save is like a danger to my health Try being with somebody that want to be somebody else I always...

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Drake – The Ride

[Intro] I hate when people say they feel me man, I hate that shit. It’ll be a long time before yall feel me, if ever [Verse 1] You won’t feel me til everybody say they love you, but it’s not love And your suit is Oxblood and your girl fuckin’ hates you and your friends faded off shots of What you ordered than forget about the game you on top of Your famous girlfriend ass gettin’ thicker than the plot does And when you forget it, thats when she pop up And you got a drop but you ride around with the top up I get 3 SUV’s for niggas dressed like refugees And deal with the questions about all your excessive needs And you do dinners at French Laundry and Napa Valley Scallops and glasses of Dolce, that shit right up your alley You see a girl and you ask about her Bitches smiling at ya, it must be happy hour They put the cloth across your lap soon as you sat down It’s feeling like you own every place you choosing to be at now Walking through airport security with your hat down ‘Stead of gettin’ a pat down, they just keep on saying that they feel ya nigga Yeah, It’s been too long Been way too long [Hook – The Weeknd] I’m faded too long, oooh...

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