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Busta Rhymes – I Love My Bitch

(feat. Kelis) [Busta Rhymes] I love my bitch [Kelis] I love my nigga [x6] My lady never lets me down thats why i never let her go she always here to lift me up when i fall down and hit the floor my baby so amazing let me sit back and count the ways 1…… she the shit 2…… she the shit 3…… she the shit [Busta Rhymes (Kelis)] i love my bitch i love my lady yup yup i love my bitch (i love you nigga) i love my lady yup yup i love my bitch (i love you nigga) i love my lady yup yup i love my bitch (i love you nigga) i love my bitch she the shit [Kelis (Busta Rhymes)] i love my nigga yup yup i love my boy (i love my bitch) i love my nigga yup yup i love my boy (i love my bitch) i love my nigga (i love my bitch) i love my nigga he bring me joy [Busta Rhymes] I love my girl cause she knows the shit she acting kinda ill but she aint scared of the dick got her on tape but though she act kinda rude bet she know my money gone she spent a do on a dude real life chicken let her fucked with a thug sippin martini’s drinkin, wanna fuck in...

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Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me

“Touch it- bring it – pay it – watch it – turn it – leave it – stop – format it” [repeat 6x] [Intro] Aiyyo Swizz I don’t think they ready for this shit Aiyyo let me take they ass back to the club real quick [Verse 1] (Get low Bus!) Who be the King of the Sound? (Uh huh) Busta Bus back to just put a lock on a town (Uh huh) Lot of my bitches be comin from miles around See they be cumin (Uh!) cause they know how the God get down (TURN IT UP!!) NOW YOU KNOW WHO HOLDIN THE THRONE SO GIMME THE CROWN (Huh) NIGGAS SOLUTIN AND TRYIN TO GIVE ME A POUND (Come on) I DON’T REALLY FUCK WITH YOU NIGGAS YOU NIGGAS IS CLOWN MAKIN THE BITCHES STRIPPIN THROW THEY SHIT ON THE GROUND (Get low Bus!) Now that’s the way that it goes (Uh huh) When we up in the spot the shit be flooded with hoes (Come on) See we a make it hot, the chicks will come out their clothes That’s when you get it (Huh) mami already know I suppose (TURN IT UP!!) SHORTY WILDIN AND SHORTY OPEN SHE BEASTIN IT OUT FOR THE RECORD (Huh) JUST A SECOND I’M FREAKIN IT OUT (Come on) WHILE SHE TRYIN TO Touch SEE I WAS PEEPIN IT OUT SHE...

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Busta Rhymes – Good Kisser Skit

Let me talk to you Let me talk to you baby I’ve got some shit to share we your freaky ass, ha I like the way you freak it baby, I love your style The way you stick your tongue in my mouth and act wild The way you give me them little fights and little tussles Bite the back of your neck weaking your leg muscles The type of chick who always want to take it there She don’t care, ready to fuck anywhere Make a nigga want to bust ‘til my legs cripple Put your breasts in my face, tell me bite the nipples You got me breathing hard, the whole shit Kiss me on the chest, my belly button Baby, start to kiss the whole dick Strap you up, one time Slap your ass up, two time And watch you jingle I love the way your whole ass wiggle The way she turning me on and make my little freak wanna giggle Before the dick paid the pussy a visit Grabbed the pussy from the back a stuck my fingers all in it Chorus: Have you ever went over your freak’s house to chill And the both of you understood That y’all could chill with the talking ‘cos y’all were straight fucking And for both of y’all, it’s all good Sometimes you try to play it...

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Busta Rhymes – Take It Off Part 2

Huh, yeah, fuck that, Niggas go out to get it, Niggas is out there holding until I see niggas, Niggas is out there holding, Starving nigga, fuck that, I’m a broke nigga, And I gotta see any nigga out here holding something, Fuck that. Everyday, me and my son stay scheming, On how to maximise the level on day to day creaming, While you remain faking, Yo, I ain’t tolerating, no mistaking, We on the move to study paper-making, Round up the whole squad quick, Plot the scheme with my niggas, get on some full clip bullshit, Before I solidify manslaughter, my unit form on the streetcorner, We suprise like fiends in disguise, Laying for the right shit so I can receive another grand prize, Greeting niggas like a homeless nigga, The way it happened son, you’d never figure, How the homeless nigga gun is much bigger, Now give me everything you walking with and everything your man is holding, Even the watch that got the platinum moulding, And as the situation start unfolding, You scared to death you little bitch, go ahead, Report it stolen, see what happen… (Crazy fighting going on, mad punches, smashed glass etc.) Cocks drwan nigga, holding my dick, Wilding for the night, splurging with my click from the fit, Open like a motherfucker, itching and ready to do the next stick, Get any...

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Busta Rhymes – Taste It

[Repeat 5x (Taste it, taste it, taste it)] Here we go Ay yo, ladies where you at c’mon c’mon Ladies where you at c’mon c’mon You ready to freak out ladies? Yeah, soldiers We ‘bout to line it up just right Check it, watch how we do it [Verse One] Make way for the kid to come in girl And let me rock cause I love the way you pop that (C’mon) Every single time we come to drop that A lot of freaky women react to a nigga hot track (Lets go) Then we start to cook up the place Women watching the nigga with the ready to do the (UGH!) look on their face (C’mon) Freak nasty, you know the way you do it all on the guard And the way you love to speak nasty, another freak pass me (WOO!) Floss on, in the club ain’t even got the draws on You messing with a nigga better, stop that shit mama In other words you better watch that shit cause you got that shit The way your ass sit up all on your back Its like you need to go shop that, see niggas would cock that And definitely won’t waste it And while you at it take a lick and just taste it (taste it, taste it, taste it) [Chorus] B-b-baby tell me why tell...

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