Kelly Rowland – Beyond Imagination

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You speak only what you hear
Easily influential
So secluded no one’s near (no one’s near)
This home’s full of rituals
Your mother’s going on strike
Tired of preaching sermons and
Father’s vacation tonight
Is somewhat permanent

I gotta go to somewhere beyond imagination’s flow
Hear my tone
It says I am alone

Your life seems dysfunctional
It only acts what you show
You’re your own psychiatrist
A slight minute from quitting
And showing signs of depression
Life’s falling over and crashing
Your heat burns through life lava
And rapes your problem solver,

Now go, to somewhere beyond imaginations flow
Hear my tone,
It says i am alone

A hideout
Manifest stability
Let go of doubt
Get away (boy i gotta get away)
No flaws will inject or exit my present place
I gotta burn
Experience only allows what I will learn
Hear my tone
It says I am alone, yeah…..

Sha, na, na, na, na,
Sha, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

I hear your tone
And you’re so not alone
You’re so not alone
And you’re so not alone