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George Michael – True Faith

Well, I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like you. Oh, but I gotta think twice Before I give my heart away And I know all the games you play Because I play them, too. Oh, but I need some time off from that emotion, Time to pick my heart up off the floor. And when that love comes down without devotion, Well, it takes a strong man baby, but I’m Showing you the door, Cause I gotta have Faith I gotta have… Faith Because I’ve gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith I gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith. Baby, I know you’re asking me to stay Saying please, please, please don’t go away You say I’m giving you the blues. Maybe you mean every word you say Can’t help but think of yesterday And another who tied me down to loverboy rules Before this river becomes an ocean Before you throw my heart back on the floor Oh baby, I reconsider my foolish notion Well, I need someone to hold me, But I’ll wait for something more. Cause I gotta have Faith… (*Repeat Chorus*) Before this river Becomes an ocean Before you throw my heart back on the floor<br /> (I’ve just got to have faith) I’ve reconsidered my foolish notion Yeah, I need someone to hold...

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George Michael – Heal The Pain

There’s A Place In Your Heart And I Know That It Is Love And This Place Could Be Much Brighter Than Tomorrow And If You Really Try You’ll Find There’s No Need To Cry In This Place You’ll Feel That There’s No Hurt Or Sorrow There Are Ways To Get There If You Care Enough For The Living Make A Little Space Make A Better Place… Heal The World Make It A Better Place For You And For Me And The Entire Human Race There Are People Dying If You Care Enough For The Living Make A Better Place For You And For Me If You Want To Know Why There’s A Love That Cannot Lie Love Is Strong It Only Cares For Joyful Giving If We Try We Shall See In This Bliss We Cannot Feel Fear Or Dread We Stop Existing And Start Living Then It Feels That Always Love’s Enough For Us Growing So Make A Better World Make A Better World… Heal The World Make It A Better Place For You And For Me And The Entire Human Race There Are People Dying If You Care Enough For The Living Make A Better Place For You And For Me And The Dream We Were Conceived In Will Reveal A Joyful Face And The World We Once Believed In Will Shine Again In Grace Then Why...

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George Michael – Safe

Sweet thing I know how strong I can appear But your don’t know the days Since somebody loved me You came And led me through that door again You say you want to stay But you don’t know me (no you don’t) You make me feel safe Someday My darkest fears will find their way After all Somebody loves me All day My heart tells strangers how I feel And it’s hard not to feel this way When you thought your future was on prescription You make me feel...

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George Michael – freedom

I won’t let you down I will not give you up Gotta have some faith in the sound It’s the one good thing that I’ve got I won’t let you down So please don’t give me up Because I would really, really love to stick around Heaven knows I was just a young boy Didn’t know what I wanted to be I was every little hungry schoolgirl’s pride and joy And I guess it was enough for me To win the race? A prettier face! Brand new clothes and a big fat place On your rock and roll TV But today the way I play the game is not the same No way Think I’m gonna get me some happy I think there’s something you should know I think it’s time I told you so There’s something deep inside of me There’s someone else I’ve got to be Take back your picture in a frame Take back your singing in the rain I just hope you understand Sometimes the clothes do not make the man All we have to do now Is take these lies and make them true somehow All we have to see Is that I don’t belong to you And you don’t belong to me Freedom You’ve gotta give for what you take Freedom You’ve gotta give for what you take Heaven knows we sure had...

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George Michael – Patience

It’s like a conversation, where no-one stops to breathe Is it my imagination, or did God already leave the table? Such destruction, and pure white castles in the sand No time for introduction With all that money changing hands And the satellite says, “Take a look at all we have” But the old man says, “You want my family, for your liberty…I can’t do that”. Look into the eyes of any patient man Whether they be amber, green or blue, There’s a piece of God staring back at you But they see our children, and the old folk fend for themselves They see our broken women On imaginary shelves But the satellite says, “Won’t you people look at all we have? Don’t you want it? Can’t you see the things that you lack?” Children in his arms, he turns his...

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