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snoop dogg – Young, Wild & Free

[Intro/Chorus: Nate Dogg] One to the other, other two to the three On the mic is N-A-T-E D-O-double-G Still chasin paper, still runnin them streets I never trust a hoe because I know what they be One to the two to the three to the fo’ Baby when you need let me come in the back do’ She’s still a bad bitch but I don’t love her though Once I hit it once I’d rather leave her alone [Memphis Bleek] Uhh! Aiyyo I’m worldwide respected You know the G4 flies international, niggaz flyin domestic I been around the world, seent many faces But better yet I got head from difference races And I don’t trust ‘em as far as I can throw ‘em I murder with no motive, I hit ‘em and don’t know ‘em I just, sneak, and send ‘em right back home That’s Bleek, not your hubby ma, I’m not like home But dig it, the truth hurt, they be addicted to the didick I dig in it, they one shot and live with it But mami vacate premises The head straight chiller man invite all my niggaz in Nate and Free, I might make you my lil’ drug hoe if you can take a D mami, and run with it cause I had my fun with it It’s S-P, D-G-L and Nate we done with it...

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snoop dogg – Brake Fluid

(Chorus) I got bitches all in my game Don’t even know my name(bitch pump yo’ brakes)you hoes *biatch* Can talk all day behind my back But wont say shit in my face(bitch pump yo’ brakes) You hoes *biatch* You are the one You are the one You are the one You are the one You are the one Hoooooooooooo(sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy) You are the one You are the one You are the one You are the one You are the one Hoooooohoooooo(sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy) Carla, Darla, Charlene and Camil Tarika and Erika, they love ta take care of a, Real motha fucka from that DPG Kisha, Marisha, Tammy and Ralisha, I appreciate da way y’all skate When da clock hit eight, now April and Kate, Y’all be doin too much, runnin ya mouth, Fuckin shit up, ya gotta get up ‘Cuz I’ve had enough, Getting sick and tired of the same stuff Told Camil, and she told Carla, and she told April, And now they all know but I could give a fuck cuz y’all my hoes, so, All that confrontin a real nigga on site, Today is today, last night was last night, As I leave I put my hand on my balls I had to really check these bitches and tell ‘em like this and all (Chorus) Nina do dis, and Tina do...

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snoop dogg – Gin & Juice

Intro: dre *man pissing* Heah hah hah! Im serious nigga one of yall niggaz got this ass motherfuckin up Aiy baby, aiy baby… aiy baby get some bubblegum in this motherfucker Steady long, steady long nigga Verse one: snoop With so much drama in the l-b-c Its kinda hard bein snoop d-o-double-g But i, somehow, some way Keep comin up with funky ass shit like every single day May i, kick a little something for the gs (yeah) And, make a few ends as (yeah!) I breeze, through Two in the mornin and the partys still jumpin Cause my momma aint home I got bitches in the living room gettin it on And, they aint leavin til six in the mornin (six in the mornin) So what you wanna do, sheeeit I got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too So turn off the lights and close the doors But (but what) we dont love them hoes, yeah! So we gonna smoke a ounce to this Gs up, hoes down, while you motherfuckers bounce to this Chorus: repeat 2x Rollin down the street, smokin indo, sippin on gin and juice Laid back [with my mind on my money and my money on my mind] Verse two: Now, that, I got me some seagrams gin Everybody got they cups, but they aint chipped in Now this types...

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snoop dogg – After All feat. Brat & Kurupt

Six million ways to die, choose one Verse One: Kurupt, Daz It’s time to escape, but I don’t know where the fuck i’m headed Up or down, right or left, life or death I see myself in a mist of smoke Death becomes any nigga that takes me for a joke We hit a five dollar stick, now we puttin in work Unaccountable amounts of dirt, death becomes all niggaz anybody killa, you know what the deal is Nigga, you know what the real is I see some mark brand niggaz on the corner flaggin me down Sayin, “Yo Daz, what’s up with the Pound? Is that nigga snoop alright? Aiyyo what’s up with the crew? Is them niggaz in jail, or are them niggaz through?” i said, if you ain’t up on thangs Snoop Dogg is the name, Dogg Pound’s the game It’s like this they don’t understand It’s an everyday thang, to gangbang Make that twist, don’t be a bitch, let these niggaz know What’s up with you I represent the Pound and Death Row And can’t no other motherfucker in L.A. or Long Beach and Compton, and Watts, see D-O-G’s Now, you can’t come and you can’t run, and you can’t see long to the G of the gang One gun is all that we need, to put you to rest Pump pump, put 2 slugs...

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snoop dogg – Groupie Luv

I got love… I got love… I got love… I got love… I got love – I, got, love, for, my homies who be rollin wit me They know game – play, no, games, cause, ain’t nobody playin wit me I got love – I, got, love, for my niggaz on my family tree I got love – love for the ghetto, down for whatever If you was down before, you gon’ still gon’ be down wit me I got game – I, got, game, cause, the game was given to me Say my name – say, my, name, cause, ain’t nobody tighter than me Give it up – give, it, up, if, you like the way I’m rhymin this beat I don’t know – know nuttin better, chasin my chedder If you in love with a whore — you ain’t never listened to me Wah-ooooh, ooooh, oooh, oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh Wah-ooooh, ooooh, oooh, oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh Wah-ooooh, ooooh, oooh, oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh Wah-ooooh Captain save – cap-tain, save, a, hooker cause she hangin on me She can’t hang – she, can’t, hang, cause I ain’t lookin fo’ a wifey Just in case – just, in, case, I, better take a weapon wit me And these hoes – keep cover, down for whatever If she stress me some more, I have to leave...

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